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Make a SHIFT in your life through movement & dance

in a beautiful private beach in Crete, Greece.

During this 6-day intensive under the sun, expect to:

  • Learn to come deeper into yourself through dance in a beautiful studio, meditation on the beach, intuitive movement, and activities inspired from family constellation, psychodrama, voice dialogue - for self-acceptance and awakening.

  • Dissolve unhealthy relationship patterns through embodied awareness in co-creation with deep profound group work - moving into new ways to create soul level relationships.

  • Re-discover your innate talents and spiritual gifts to clarify your soul's true calling for the next step.

  • Vision your life's purpose including from a perspective of an abundant mindset, self love and well being through inner leadership - all that by the sea. Set intentions aligned with your highest self.​

In this retreat you will receive:

Beach Yoga

Meditation in stillness & movement time for self-connection

During this meditation session, you create a unique space of tranquility and inner moments, giving you the opportunity to experience your inner place composed of calm and serenity. In doing so, you foster a deep and meaningful connection with yourself.

If any of these statements resonate with you

  • You want to connect with your self and others through movement and dance.

  • You understand the power of abundant mindset and want to expand it even more.

  • You have a deep desire to break free from the constraints of everyday life and express yourself in new ways, rediscovering purpose.

  • You’re eager to surrender to a transformative experience that will uplift your well being.

  • You’re on a spiritual journey and waited for the right time for a shift.

  • You’re ready to redefine your relationships and set new standards for your love life.

Then this invitation is specially crafted for you

:The venue

The Main House

The main house divides in two separated residential wings, which contains 7 beds in 3 rooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 kitchens and 2 sitting area that can be used as 4 beds.

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-05 at 12.11.28.jpeg

This is an invitation to a transformative encounter with the course of your life, on the beautiful shores of the legendary island - Crete.

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InMotion - The Plan 

(open for the mystery too...)

Day #1

Arrival & connection - landing in the heart

Day #2

Love & relationships alignment
Belonging, healing 

Day #3

Purpose & fulfillment Alignment
Connecting the dots

Day #4

Heart-full Abundance:
Money & body Alignment

Day #5


Day #6

Wisdom harvest & farewell

Every day:
Soul movement through dance and mind-heart-body activities, spirit guidance through writing, community and belonging through sharing and connecting. Integration and time for your self in nature.

The facilitator:

Facilitated by Dina Argov. After helping hundreds of people to make that SHIFT in their lives in retreats, workshops and private sessions, Dina is waiting to meet you and see you transform and open your heart!

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-05 at 12.10.11 (1).jpeg

"Hi, I'm Dina Argov. My mission is to help people move through life with the transformative power of movement and consciousness. I’m into prioritizing soul level relationships, meaningful connections and abundant, purposeful life"

The methods we will use are inspired by:

Psychodrama | Verbal Dialogue in Movement | Nonviolent Communication | Family Constellation | Sensory Connection in Dance

Join our community of purpose-seekers on the beach! Space is limited, secure your spot under the sun today!


Let Crete's nature and the motion of the waves move you inward...

Beach Waves


Pricing including meals and accommodation for 5 nights & 6 days  (Contact for all inclusive plan – with flights)

Sleep in shared space of the beautiful studio – ​(7 spots only)

1320 EURO


Sleep in a shared room for 4 –(4 spots only)

1430 EURO


Sleep in a shared room for 2 – 1500 EURO (4 spots only)

1500 EURO


Sleep in a private room with double bed - (1 room only)

1,650 private /2,970 EURO per couple

There must be a reason you are reading this right now. 

**We'll pick you up with a shared car from Heraklion airport**

Join us on the journey:
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