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InMotion Retreat
May 30th - June 4th
Restart your life in Crete
With Dina Argov

Make a SHIFT in your life through movement & dance, integrate your new phase in an amazing villa with a private beach. Delicious food, amazing people, YOU are in motion, high energy, deep journey.

In these times of change, rediscover your path and connect in a deep level to yourself and to your soul-tribe. Explore the big picture of your life & dive into a new phase of extraordinary relationships in your love life, clear blockages around money and rise to your higher purpose. When signing up for this retreat you SHIFT & come back to your life as a lighthouse in your community and step into a new level of service. I am glad you are here.

What's in the retreat?
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Healing relationships

Level up on LOVE!
You'll learn to dissolve unhealthy relationship patterns with the help of unique and transformative movement, dance & other methods that will help you change perspective,  and bring healing & profound change into your connections.

Hey, I'm Dina Argov

My mission is to help people go through life with the transformative power of movement and consciousness.

I work with an approach that prioritizes meaningful relationships and a purposeful life. Having helped hundreds of people to make a SHIFT in their lives: creating healthy relationships, finding professional fulfillment, strengthening self-worth and self-confidence - in retreats, workshops and 1:1 mentorship programs. I look forward to meet you and to watch you GROW and open your heart in your next life shift.


How will you know
?this is for YOU

YOU LOVE TO DANCE or eager to be one of those...

You want a vacation with meaning, rest on the beach, take care of your body and soul and learn something new about yourself.
You are in a shift in life right now - after a breakup/finished studying something new/looking for a new career path/went through a life crisis and rising to a new era.
You are on a path of growth & change.

.You have a desire to gain strength for your next step

You long for soulmate friends for life who understand you and are also on a journey of development.

.You have a desire to move more, in your body and in life

You have an understanding that you can create a better reality for yourself with a little help and the right setting.

You have a deep desire to break free from the constraints of everyday life, express yourself in new ways and rediscover your deepest longing.

The Venue
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The main House

The main house is divided into two separate housing wings, with a variety of air-conditioned boutique rooms, decorated and pampering in stone, a gorgeous view of the sea, toilets and showers and kitchenettes


What our participants say?

Jasmin Yaffe

There is something very pleasant, It doesn't feel like a facilitation of "I am the facilitator and this is the material you will learn" But - we are together here, experiencing, laughing, very free, Lots of movement that releases stress and emotions. This retreat invites you to open, and opens! gradually

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The Plan

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Day #1

Landing in the heart: Welcoming and connecting session

Day #2

A healing day about love, relationships and belonging

Day #3

Connection to vocation, precision of direction in life and seeing the bigger picture

Day #4

Releasing barriers related to money and the expansion of the abundance channel

Day #5

Day #6

Harvesting wisdom and a closing meeting

Integrate & farewell

The practices we’ll use are inspired from:


Family Constellation

Image by Harli  Marten

Non Violent Communication


Voice dialogue in motion

Image by Andre Mouton




Modern Dance Teacher

Dance & Somatic Experience

Beach Waves


Including meals and accommodation for 5 nights and 6 days (Contact us for the all-included program, with flights)

Fun Together
Accommodation for one person

in a double or 3-4P room in the main villa

 Early Birds until April 15th

only 4 spots


Early Birds until April 15th


 Private room

Additional 400

We will pick you up with a shared vehicle from Heraklion Airport*

השארת פרטים

Let's talk soon:

We'll talk soon :) Soul adventure ahead...

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